ASIL-BSCI Certificate

This was the announced amfori BSCI partial follow up Audit at Ariyan Socks Industries Ltd. The factory has been incorporated in 2015 and started operation at Maona, Tengra, Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The facility specialized in the Socks item. The main production process is knitting>Linking>Finishing >Pressing> Packing. The factory running through the year in the same production volume. 

ASIL-SedEx Certificate

A SMETA audit was conducted which included some or all of Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. The scope of workers included all types at the site e.g. direct employees, agency workers, workers employed by service providers and workers provided by other contractors. Any deviations from the SMETA Methodology are stated (with reasons for deviation) in the SMETA Declaration.

ASIL-Formaldehyde Test

Duration: (2 Weeks) 10th May 2020 ~ 24th May 2020. Test Method: 100% Cotton and 100% Wool fabric hanging the room, after collect the sample measured the free Formaldehyde accordance with Health & Welfare Ministry Ordinance No.34, 1974.


Ariyansocks Industries Ltd has updated the new Oeko - tex certificate.