Knitting Machines

We have 159 no’s Single Cylinder with 6 feeders drum less knitting machine Dong Sung (Model- DST- 607- Plain & Terry, Model- DS60 SF- Plain & Terry) from Korea and Da Kong(Model- DK-B318-Plain & Terry) from Taiwan, Range /Needle from 120 to156 needles. In total projected m/c for first floor 150nos + 2nd Floor 150nos = 300 nos. 
  • It has the advantage to create or amend any pattern during production time in the machine monitor without going to the design computer.
  • For setting the quality of the socks it has three step motors used consequently for cylinder adjustment, stitch cam adjustment and heel cam adjustment.
  • It has electronic sensors for yarn control say yarn breakage, uncut yarn. 

Linking Machines

We Have (09) Nine Linking Machine Imported From Dong Sung-Korea.

Steam & Finishing Machines

HELIOT - SOCKMAGIC Machine designed for treatment and setting on forms of socks made of natural and or synthetic fibers. We have 100% automatic Boarding machine for excellent finishing of the socks with steam chamber imported from Heliot- Turkey. AUTO DRUMFINISHER HELIOT – Type DF-50. Textile finishing tumbler, steaming, softening, drying Imported from Heliot- Turkey. Possible to wash Antibacterial, Aegis finish & Silicone wash.

Metal Detector Machines

Ariyan Socks Industries Ltd, has introduced lock systems which is a metal detector for checking broken metal parts by passing each and every sock after knitting and linking through conveyor belt of metal detector.

The UK origin machine is most modern and high sensitivity which can able to detect 1mm diameter of metal parts by ringing buzzer during detection process.


Ariyan socks works with local and imported raw materials.  In collaboration with the most reliable suppliers, we always deliver the demanded quality. Our suppliers are found in Bangladesh, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, India and China. Countries that provide us a broad variety of materials such as 100% cotton, blended yarn 50% Cotton +50% Modal, 100% Viscose, CVC, PC, Lurex, 100% Polyester, 100% Nylon, Bamboo yarn, Nylon Covered Spandex, Polyester Covered Spandex, Nylon Covered Rubber & Polyester Covered Rubber etc.

Quality Assuarance

Our R&D provides standards to production to ensure the finished products meet all customer standards. Rather than standalone auditing, we encourage in-station quality control which means every operator has ownership of the product quality.


Ariyan Socks Industries Ltd was fully surveyed by the RSC Inspection team.